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Birthday Club

The reasons for joining the Buckhorn Exchange's Birthday Club are many and varied:

The Birthday person will receive a birthday card from the Buckhorn which can be used for a percent off their entree equal to their age. This discount applies only to the birthday person's entree and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

For example - if the birthday person is 30, they get a 30% deduction on their entree. If they are 50 they get a 50% deduction, and so on. The card can be used any time during the month of their birthday and is good for only one entree during their birthday month.

We mail the birthday card from our offices, and it can take some time after signing up to get your card in the mail. Please be patient! It will get there...

In addition, we provide a courtesy subscription to our quarterly newsletter (snail mailed; not emailed) which contains recipes, news and a discount coupon for "something," which varies by edition, but is always useful.